Internet, most specifically YouTube, has a potential to make anybody a star. You for sure have seen a random person from nowhere appears on the net and receives fame overnight. One such recent example is Yashraj Mukhate, who on 6th August 2020 had approximately 6500 subscribers on his YouTube channel and beyond 1 Million subscribers on 19th August 2020. It is not merely his good luck that brought him sudden fame. It is his creativity, struggle, and adherence to the success formula i-e, choosing the best niches to start YouTube channel. What is so exclusive in the videos that garnered him more than 1 million subscribers? His trait of blending famous dialogues with beats and making a parody video of it made him stand out of the box.

Upon hearing such inspiring stories, anyone would genuinely want to start his YouTube channel to pursue his goal, but we are entirely clueless when it comes to the niche of the channel. The biggest question echoing in your mind must be what niche you should select for your YouTube channel? In this comprehensive write-up, I’ll be covering the very best niches to start YouTube channel that you can efficiently work on and produce content to be a successful YouTuber! In case you are looking forward to creating a YouTube channel, the absolute important part is ensuring that all your videos are based on the specific niche of your channel, which you have considered just before starting your YouTube career or the one which you may choose after reading this article.

Selecting the most specific niche will undoubtedly impact your channel growth and revenue generation.

Why is it essential to select a specific niche?

It is crucial to pick the best niches for YouTube in 2021 if you expect yourself as the next YouTube Star. Many people join YouTube as a creator with a lure for earning money through YouTube Partner Programme. They upload random videos on their channel without caring the least bit about a specific niche to start earning. Uploading random videos will take you nowhere. Why? Because you are missing out on your target audience, you are leaving them clueless about your expertise and why they should stick to your content.

We must admit that YouTube has a sophisticated audience who prefer watching nicely presented and comprehensive videos only. If they discover any fruitful video content associated with their interest that is worth investing time upon, your viewers are going to subscribe to your channel for sure. Thus, you must discover and adhere to the idle niches for YouTube. I have also complied a list of few things you should check before creating your YouTube channel.

Uploading a mix content will not work if you yearn for growth in your YouTube channel.

Given that this random video content will not get you the correct viewers you concern to target. Right here are the best niches to start YouTube channel. Please go through them and select the niches you are best in.

Most significant niche to start YouTube channel in 2021

13. Listicle Videos

Are you a person with a deep love for reading or a researcher or curious about top things such as food, places, actors, and entrepreneurs? If so, this niche matches you completely. You can create your own YouTube channel, do a little, or, I would say, thoroughly investigate the topic and make a video on it. You can use pictures, videos, and graphics. Also, include the zest aspect of a voiceover which elaborates the item details and subtitle of the on-going narration in the video. You may explore tons of this niche’s diverse channels before you start making videos to check upon their style. What are they missing in their videos could be the highlight and uniqueness of your channel.

12. Life Hacks

These are often short yet value-added videos one can not skip. They are the very most adored and the hit videos of all time and will hold their position in the future too. One can view all of them for hours without getting tired. The most significant factor of this niche is its informativeness that can be applied during emergencies. This niche is one of the best niches to start YouTube channel if you are an innovative person fascinated with science and crafts. It is effortless to cover it off. Just stand in front of the camera and demonstrate your techniques. Simple as that! For, e.g., you can demonstrate the reuse of plastic waste, getting rid of stains. Lifehack videos can be filmed in a short time. Moreover, the production is not painstaking.

11. News Updates

Gone were the days when people relied on the newspapers for current affairs around them and globally. As the digitization took place, advanced news sources entered in and marked their online presence. An independent news channel on YouTube could also be an option to feed the new age netizens with the latest global and regional updates. Nowadays, people do prefer watching or reading news online.

The preference for online news has created an enormous demand for news personalities or agencies who can deliver the updates readily. You should try your hands in news delivery if you have good communication and proficiency in breaking down complex issues into simpler words. Find out authentic sources of the Regional or even Global updates and present them on your channel with passion. If to talk about the news studio, your house may be the place for your video shoot, and you do not also need to have to invest a lot in expenditure. Begin it with your residence. Make a few arrangements such as decent lighting conditions and a green screen.

You can observe good growth on your channel once you start gaining trust and showing audience worth watching content. Preparing news, checking its authenticity, and researching a specific topic you want to cover on your channel is a bit of laborious work and requires assistance. You can bring in more anchors or reporters as you grow.

10. Fail Compilations

Fail Compilations are the absolute most effective videos that carry a collection of a million encounters all over the entire world. It is one of the ideal niches for youtube in 2021 that provides all of us a reason to chuckle. Humans are often huddled around by sadness, we have breakdowns, and then we come across a fail compilation, something that brings us joy and happiness for a moment. Without question, it brightens the state of mind, and also paradoxically, we additionally share the video with our team, family, and buddies.

If you want to increase the chances of your YouTube channel’s rapid growth, your content should go viral so that it could fetch you piles of views and subscribers! All you need to have is the expertise of social media sites and their algorithm. You can find the footages for videos on social media or purchase from media publishing houses.

9. Pets/Animals

Pet dogs, as well as cats, are the world favorite. Everybody loves enjoying a crazy feline, an adorable young puppy, or dancing as well as singing birds. You can utilize this niche content to spread understanding for pet civil rights, discuss your first-class creature training program, as well as even make compilations of hilarious creatures from the web.

8. Travel and vlogging

Travelling could be the minimum profitable specific niche and also isn’t for everyone. In the initial days, you might not generate enough revenue from youtube to travel even 100KMs. You have to pay off the expenses from your pocket. Thus, it will be best if you are financially well-doing and have sufficient funds to travel consistently. Once you gain traction as a travel vlogger and have an astounding number of followers, you can easily count on hotels and resorts and airline companies to provide you freebies to feature them on your YouTube channel.

Tourism has become a billion-dollar industry; being said so, many companies are sponsoring travel vloggers’ traveling fares in return for promotional favors from the creators. You can start vlogging your daily life, show nearby places of your town, speak about yourself in your videos. Vlogging is getting famous on YouTube. People like vloggers with some different traits. For, eg.., MO Vlogs is a Dubai-based YouTube vlogger whose daily life revolves around luxury cars and features some of the wealthiest kids of Dubai conglomerates. Mumbaikar Nikhil is a Mumbai-based YouTube vlogger who shares the screen with fellow bike riders.

7. Food Items & Restaurant Reviews

When you think of the food, you can not resist imagining mouthwatering dishes of your favorite spot in the town. Every city, restaurants have their famous dishes that people eat with fervor. Find out nearby restaurants, devote your time to researching the regional dining establishments, and look into the new launches. Evaluate your food items’ longings at every brand-new dining establishment and make a video on evaluating the place and the meals. You can effortlessly cover locations near you and upload them on YouTube.

6. Self-Help

Self-help videos are the ones that help you improve yourself and add up to your knowledge pertaining to business, finance, fashion, nutrition, style, and beauty. This is possibly one of the biggest YouTube niches today, having innumerable small and big personalities showcasing their remarkable skills. You can start your YouTube channel and start sharing whatever you are best in. It might be several make-up hacks, hair care tips, skincare routine, business training, reviewing the products, and there’s a lot additional to it.

Self-Help YouTubers can have good growth as their target audience is youngsters, who are a majority of the netizens. In addition to this, Self-Help YouTubers can have a more significant opportunity to earn money online besides YouTube Partner Programme by promoting brands, offering Courses and Personal Mentoring, sponsored Product Reviews. They are widely accepted as social influencers, and brands pay them extravagantly for promotions.

5. Chat Show

People out there are always curious about their most liked or idolized celebrities’ personal and off-screen lives. You can invite famous personalities on your YouTube channel and have a chit-chat with them. Ask them questions provided by your subscribers. Many prominent YouTubers have already reinvented their channel niches and started having famous internet faces on their chat shows. Let it be a popular YouTuber, actor, public speaker, or successful entrepreneur. YouTube audience does like to listen to their struggle stories and get themselves inspired.

Look for the people who are earning names in their respective fields, and you think their journeys are good enough to motivate your viewers. It is damn right that Internet has brought the world closer. You can have someone residing in the other part of the world as a guest on your chat show through a video call. Chat shows seems elevating its ranking the in the list of best niches to start YouTube channel. I suggest think about starting one before it is too late!

4. Recipe

Food is most crucial need of humans having many variations from place to place. You never know when you will have an urge to eat Chinese, French, or maybe someday German. YouTube comes to your help in such cases. Just search the recipes videos, gather the ingredients, and your food is ready. If you’re among those who have an ardent enthusiasm for food preparation and seeking to attempt hands-on creating brand-new recipes. Go for this specific niche on your YouTube channel. Preparing delicious food is an art, and if you can cook well, it’s like being a blessed artist. Cooking videos have a large viewer base worldwide. You should give it a try.

3. Tech and Gadget Reviews

Tech and gadget reviews and unboxing rank in one of the best popular niches for YouTube amongst youngsters and tech-savvy audiences. As the technology is advancing, many futuristic devices are rolling out in the market, and the audience enjoys watching unboxing or review videos of such next-gen devices. Tech videos have a high retention rate as the audience remains glued to the screen to see the gadgets’ features and appearance. It is observed that tech channels have the potential to grow spontaneously. Unbox Therapy and Technical Guruji are the tech channels that hold top ranks in the list of most followed YouTubers worldwide. You can start a tech channel initially by reviewing small and inexpensive gadgets. Delivering technical news could also be a good option.

2. Gaming

The game streaming niche has seen tremendous growth over the last three years like never before. There must have been several gaming channels on YouTube three or four years ago, but the Gamers rose to fame only after the launch of PUBG. This mobile game has taken the internet by storm. Its streamers gained millions of followers. The sudden and extreme scope have grasped everyone’s eyeballs; thus, many game enthusiasts are looking forward to exploring their luck as a game streamer.

If you have extraordinary skills and tactics to secure a win over your enemies in the game, this could an apt choice for you from the list of best niches to start YouTube channel. Setting up a streaming unit could be costly for you, but you can start with the minimum gears available and upgrade as you grow. A streamer can additionally earn through super chats and donations along with AdSense.

1. Humor and Entertainment

This particular niche belongs to the creators who can delight you with their humor. It could be a full comedy channel featuring funny skits or parodies, or even pranks. If you possess a knack for making people laugh — this is absolutely one of the best niches to start YouTube channel you should think about. Humor is broadly counted in the Entertainment category; thus, I feel it has less competition. People will watch your videos for the sake of entertainment.

Striving artists, stars, professional dancers, and other artists can easily make channels that will showcase their abilities and captivate the masses. Besides, you shouldn’t expect to see your YouTube channel reaching an overnight success, and the opposite is the truth in most cases — you need to build quality and exciting content, learn how to get people to watch your YouTube videos, conducting endless keyword research and tons of other everyday tasks.

Choosing the best niches to start YouTube channel will increase your chances of success, but let me get it straight that it’s not an as easy task as it seems. There are plenty of YouTube niches that come to existence every day, but there is no absolutely “perfect” niche or best niche for YouTube. If you’re on YouTube primarily to make it a source of income, I recommend choosing a place you can work with enthusiasm.

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