about deep gautam

Deep Gautam, born on August 17, 1994, is a Yavatmal-based entrepreneur and enthusiastic blogger who has been active since 2011. He enjoys writing about personal development and social media as a viable employment choice in today’s digital world.

From his earliest memories of school, the notion of starting his own company and making a positive contribution to the community had been ingrained in him. The exhilaration and excitement he had when playing office games as a youngster influenced his choice of a different career path.

Deep Gautam feels that operating a company is full of dangers and obstacles, but that it is also enjoyable and satisfying to do so. Because he was reared in a bureaucratic middle-class household, he has always felt that the middle-class culture has little to no concept of entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, they have shielded themselves from the dangers of operating a firm by forming a corporate structure. As a result, they grab a job elsewhere and work hard to make ends meet. Through the blogs and podcasts, Deep Gautam hopes to influence people’s approaches to business by instilling a positive mindset in them to the greatest extent possible.

The twenty-first century, particularly the previous decade, has provided many opportunities for young people to launch their businesses based on their interests and expertise. For much of his school years, Deep Gautam was camera-shy and a reclusive individual who never ventured to talk or express himself in front of others.

He gradually realized that the route he had chosen necessitated the development of a wholly new personality. He began improvising himself to transform himself completely. Although many individuals lack the confidence, manners, and fashion sense required in the professional sector, he believes that this is a growing trend.

Deep Gautam places a strong emphasis on personal grooming, self-help, and he takes great pleasure in instructing students on the subject.

Deep Gautam’s Education

Deep Gautam had his elementary and secondary schooling at Ner, where he also received his matriculation. Later on, he relocated to Yavatmal, where he completed his upper secondary schooling. He completed four years of study at Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture.

English was his all-time favorite subject throughout his academic career. He is passionate about interior design and had hoped to get a degree in the field, but that was not possible.



Deep Gautam launched VoixTube, a music streaming network that allows users to broadcast music. The website provides its users with the ability to share, listen, communicate with other musicians, and sell their work, among other things.

VoixTube is a freemium service with premium capabilities available for just $1.99 per month. People who create music or podcasts may listen to them and distribute them for free at the same time.